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According to the NTU Intellectual Property Policy:

(a) A Student shall own the copyright of his or her thesis subject to any commitments under any grant or agreement with external parties. The Student shall grant to the University a royalty-free permission to use, publish, reproduce or distribute the thesis worldwide, in whole or in part and in whatever form, electronic or otherwise.

(b) If a thesis contains information on an invention that may be patentable, the thesis may be required to be withheld in accordance with the University procedures for withholding of thesis.

In the case of withholding a thesis, please consult your supervisor, complete the *Restricting Access to Thesis/Dissertation Form and email it to the Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL). The Library will then place access restrictions on the thesis in the NIE Digital Repository accordingly.


*Form can found in the Student Portal:

1) Academic > Programmes Requirement > Thesis (Research)

2) Academic > Programme Requirement > NIE Doctor in Education forms

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